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Maxwell & Williams

Maxwell & Williams

Hospitality Superstore brings you the best of Maxwell & Williams homewares. Elegant, aesthetic and functional, these dinner sets and cutlery are perfect for entertaining as well as for gifting.

Why buy Maxwell & William cutlery?

Maxwell & Williams is one of the most internationally reputed homeware designers. With a strong presence in more than 40 markets, the company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of cutlery.

The range offered by Maxwell & Williams is simply amazing, be it in terms of sizes, shapes or designs. Depending on your whim or your requirements, you can choose homeware done in beautiful classic floral patterns, retro coloured polka dots or contemporary designs.

Maxwell & Williams products are available in different materials including acrylics, stainless steel, fine ceramics and glass. Whatever be the occasion and festivity, these opulent homeware products are simply perfect.

The best thing about these products is the harmony that exists in the pieces. Most of the ceramic pieces are done in white and the pieces are embellished with colourful prints. The harmony and pleasing contrast that exists among these pieces enable you to mix and match them perfectly.

Besides being visually attractive, Maxwell & Williams products are highly functional. They have clean lines, are dishwasher safe and are long lasting. They spell luxury while being reasonably affordable. You just have to look at Maxwell & Williams homeware and you will want to take them home!
Why shop at Hospitality Superstore?
At Hospitality Superstore, we offer only authentic Maxwell & Williams cutlery. You can be thoroughly assured about the quality of products you buy from our store.
We give you a wide variety of products that include some of the best collections designed by the brilliantly talented designers of Maxwell & Williams.
From the fashionably geometric White Basics ZIIZ range and the beautifully minimalistic White Basics Metrix collection to the contemporary Crunch range and the sophisticated Enchante set, you can find them all on our shelves.
If you are unsure about buying the right cutlery, our expert team consisting of professional chefs and industry experts can help you make the best choice.

Contact us or call 07 3257 1657 today for more details about the Maxwell & Williams merchandise we offer.

Maxwell & Williams is an internationally renowned home wares designer. They have established themselves as company with high caliber of knowledge in the fundamentals of hosting yet has a competitive edge in economical value. Distinguished in more than 40 markets, this only, speaks volumes in terms of prominence within their industry

Since inception, Maxwell & Williams ethos comprises of virtuous designs from elegance of classic designs, vintage floras, to contemporary shapes, patterns all the while keeping pieces interchangeable to allow flexibility in presentation.
Another pivotal characteristic of Maxwell and Williams is functionality. This is exemplified in the white basics range; it has clean lines, dishwasher safe and designed with the intent of lasting the test of time.

Diverse design compilations offer a plethora of selection to align with your lifestyle. Maxwell Williams offers a full spectrum to delight the kitchen host to the divine soirees. Materials on offer range from glass, fine ceramics, stainless steel, acrylics plus more.

Maxwell & Williams offer the following collections white basics collections. White Basics Ziiz and White Basics Metrix

The two are uncomplicated with refined and effortlessly sharp clean lines. Providing a sophisticated charm with an element of luxurious functionality.

The White Basics ZIIZ range is revolutionary in design, mindful of the future and offering modernism in the dining experience. An emergence in dinnerware, it uses long established porcelain techniques. Fashioned lovingly by designer Matt Guthrie, the concept was heavily influenced my angular surfaces of 20th Century architecture. Accessible in 12, 16 and 20 piece gift sets or as individuals, the collection is certainly going to entertain with pure opulence.

The White Basics Metrix capitalizes on geometric minimalism. Constructed from sophisticated white porcelain, there is a selection of four figures embossed into the slim square surfaces. The range blends flawlessly with existing basics to provide flexibility in hosting.

A paradox to the white basics range yet in keeping with the modernism in design is the Crunch range. Its intense vibrancy in colors is polar to the basics range. From a design perspective it postulates a bespoke appearance. The crinkled design a very modern take on drinking ware. Skillfully designed to replicate a crinkled plastic disposable cup, this in fact is stoneware. Available in red black, orange, purple, emerald and blue, the cups interior is in white and also available in three sizes: 100ml, 180ml, 300ml.

Enchante, definitive refined in sophistication, classic contours, vintage florals, with contemporary designs. Lush in color. The palettes are compatible with many other color pieces. Enchante it brings a piece of a royal fairytale straight to your home.

Sensations a delectable array of decanters and glasses, crafted by hand using blown glass techniques the decanters will aerate your vino prior serve.

Add a dash of brilliance with Fjord and Diamente. Servingware that radiates a scintillating sparkle to your next festivity.

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